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Build a sustainable property portfolio to achieve financial freedom

Find My Real Estate has your best interest at heart when it comes to buying to live in or investing in property to meet your real estate goals. We are passionate, outcome driven and backed by results.

Our mission is to help everyone buy property with the highest integrity and purpose and drive to achieve the desired outcomes and meet financial goals of our valued clients (be a home buyer or an investor) through property by building a high performance self-sustainable portfolio over time and replace active income with passive income helping them design and live their lifestyle they deserve.


We partner with our clients in their journey and help them achieve their vision by guiding, educating and supporting them along the way.

We are independent buyer's advocates with more than 25+ years of experience combined with our partnerships to secure the best priced high performance properties across the nation for our clients in the best location that gives them an advantage over others and puts them ahead of masses for significant growth.

Our approach is completely data-driven as we use cutting-edge technology and tools that takes the ambiguity out of the equation. This positions our clients' for high capital growth, high yield let alone our ability to negotiate under market value generating instant equity upon settlement.

We provide range of services to suit everyone. Click here to know more.

Buy the Right Property at the Right Price at the Right Location at the Right Time

Integrity | Respect | One Team | Positive Attitude 

We are a boutique buyers' advocate agency and pride ourselves in acting in the best interest for our clients working as a team along with them. From our experiences, we draw that no one likes bad surprises so we maintain and remain open and honest about the deals (good or bad) that helps build long lasting trustworthy enduring relationships.  


We are authentic and professional in our approach and ready for hard conversations at times but remain constructive at all times.

We value and respect indivduals, our team and extended partnerships we form with other independent businesses which are the lifeblood of our business to serve our clients with full suite of options and strategies to buy the right property.

We put our skin in the game by providing 100% money back gaurantee (conditions apply) to give peace of mind

to our valued clients 

Why should you engage Find My Real Estate?

We are licenced Buyers Agents and our goal is to buy your property with Purpose. As part of our initial FREE consultation; we will help map out a strategy tailored to your current circumstances and your broader investment goals at the macro level. This enables us to go deeper into finding the right property at the right price for you based on your brief once we are engaged. In addition, we provide long-term education, support and solutions to grow your portfolio and ultimately secure financial freedom as part of our ongoing advisory support

Find My Real Estate specialises in both residential and commercial properties and helps you:

  • With one stop shop approach from simply buying and holding a property to leveraging our network of professionals to manufacture growth

  • Differentiate yourself from the others in the market by having your own advocate who is representing your interests 100% throughout the purchasing process.

  • Educate yourself along the journey of buying a property with us

  • Source the correct property in the right location with better prospects for capital growth and/or rental yield.

  • Leverage our wide network of real estate professionals to give provide acess to off-market properties and our relationships to negotiate well to obtain the best price and/or terms in a given market conditions.

  • Eliminate stress by having one representative looking after your needs, rather than dealing with several different selling agents.

  • Understand the complexities and processes of buying by providing objective information, advice and support.

  • Save time by searching for and analysing property on your behalf. Outsourcing this results in a more efficient and faster outcome.

How much Find My Real Estate charge for their services?

Our pricing is very competitive and we charge fee for service as per industry standards. Fees are tailored depending on the level of service, scope of work and your individual situation which we discuss during our Free initial consultation backed by 100% Money Back Guarantee.

We do charge a small retainer upfront once you agree to engage our services post the initial consultation which is FREE.


"Time is Money" so why not let the experts do the job whilst you continue to focus on what you do best. 



Hailing from a well to do business family from India; I came to Melbourne in 2004 to pursue a masters degree in Engineering. 


I had a very successful professional IT career for over a decade with key roles in consulting, strategy and delivering complex transformation projects across many industries whilst my key focus was on developing  people skills by providing mentorship and leadership along the way. I was also truly passionate to deliver outcomes for my clients with customer centric approach which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was result oriented and grew very quickly up the ranks in my career.

As a side hustle, my love for real estate grew and along this wonderful journey, I educated myself extensively in property spending thousands of  dollars as I have been building my property portfolio in the right way; in fact my first property was a commercial property when I was 18 back in India. 

Over these years, I talked to many young professionals, mums & dads and everyday Australians realizing that people are still making the same mistakes I made many years ago. This led to a decision to transition into my own business to fill this massive gap in the industry and help the property buyers achieve their dreams. 

I founded Find My Real Estate, an astute buyers advocate agency in early 2019 with a vision to partner in my clients' wealth building journey and educate them along the way as they build a robust portfolio for the ultimate financial freedom.

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