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Experience the difference. We do it all for you!

Under Market Value | Positively Geared | Infuse Growth Actively

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Armchair Service powers up your game by putting your portfolio on steroids as we look to invest in A-grade properties underpinned by data-driven research for you.

Leveraging relevant investment data and key local information you can now make stress-free decisions with our bespoke service quickly.

It is simply bringing clarity by educating you and executing your goals in a most practical and realistic way of finding and securing the RIGHT property at the Right Price, Right Location and Right Timing as you sit back and relax in your own armchair sipping a cup of tea and we look forward to get it all done for you.

Armchair Service covers tailored consultation, design the right strategy and plan to suit your specific short term investment goals. This further allows us  to get on the ground to find and secure that astute investment leveraging our A-team.

Strategies are designed to focus on both growth and cashflow simultanously so you can enjoy your invesments along the way as we look to partner in your journey to bring your vision and goals to life.

The 3 key pillars of success: Buying the property under market value that is positively geared from the very first day with the potential to add value infusing growth in an unconventional way to boost the equity.

In addition, suburb selection is adaptive to market changes and hand picked carefully backed by deep data-driven research targeting top 20 of the 15,000 markets Australia wide at any point in time to supercharge your investment underpinned by the leading indicators for growth in those gentrifying markets.

Above all, its not a one-time transaction as we value client relationship and your interest more than anything else. Hence we look to partner in your journey to achieve long term property investment goals.

This saves you heaps of time and energy building confidence and resilience so you can action with confidence by having a professional buyers advocate by your side at all times right from the beginning.

Rest assured, if this was our money and investment, we would not do it any other way.

We are very excited for this opportunity and your business means a lot to us. 

Looking forward to work with you and help accelerate your wealth buiilding journey!


Jump on to book a FREE consultation session and see our recent case studies if not done.




1. Set up an appointment with us for an initial FREE Consultation to understand if we can help you and provide an overview of our value proposition and collect your brief.

2. Sign up: Fill in the buyers agreement/engagement form and pay the retainer to get started.

3. High Performance Strategy: Once engaged,  a strategic session based on your brief will help form the right strategy in terms of location, type of property set for future growth which we can then leverage down the line and use the equity to buy future investments to grow your portfolio if desired.  


4. Engage our A-Team: We will engage mortgage broker, conveyancer/lawyer, building and pest inspector, quantity surveyors, property agent/vendor and any other third party required to buy the property for you. We will also arrange for you to talk to financial planner/accountant to ensure the structure/entity we buy the property in is correct for your circumstances. This is a critical step to ensure asset protection.

(It is important to also note that we don’t take any kickback from our qualified network of professionals should you use them as part of this service. Their fees are separate and you need to pay them directly or we can pay on your behalf and get that reimbursed from you. You are more than welcome to bring your own team and we will be happy to work with them).





1. Trusted and Quick sourcing:  Scanning and sourcing all of current/existing stock using leading and sophisticated industry tools, network and connections. I also source pre-market/off-market stock by leveraging our solid and wide network and relationships with REA’s.

2. Astute Property Selection: Shortlisted properties with key suburb, property and investment insights will be communicated to you (underpinned by data-driven reports) including our recommendations on price point.

3. Property Inspection: Conduct and provide photps/video of the property

4. Negotiate to secure best price on your behalf based on the real data collected. (In our experience, 95% of our purchases end up buying ‘Under Market Value’ properties for our clients generating instant equity ) 

5. Offer and Contract Exchange: We will review the contract of sale and validate all ROI (retun-on-investment) assumptions and place an offer including special conditions in your favour with a view to get the contracts exchanged. (Sp conditions include but not limited to deposit, settlement terms, B&P inspection, Finance and Early Access to site before settlement etc.)




1. Third-Party Co-ordination:  We assist and  co-ordinate with accountants, solicitors/conveyancers, mortgage broker and agent to ensure we successfully and smoothly get to settlement. All milestones are tracked closely by us so we dont miss a beat on the special conditions


2. Tight Communication: You will be an integral part of this entire journey and we will communicate proactively and on regular basis to provide updates from sourcing to settlement

3. Continued Support is provided for any other advice throughout the process as required. We will hold your hand and remain by your side to represent you as your buyer’s advocates

4. Property Management: For investment properties; prior to settlement, we will also recommend and engage property rental management company on your behalf who will seek to find a tenant prior to settlement.

5. Beyond Settlement: We will monitor and do a formal checkpoint yearly with you proactively to ensure the investment goals are on track and suggest any changes along the way to continue to help you grow your portfolio and put it on steriods.

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