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Market Update: July 22

🚦🚥 Property Market Update - July 22 🚥 🚦

Welcome to Buyers Market

📉 With continued rising interest rates to curb inflation; the markets are turning negative (as expected) including Adelaide and Perth showing rate of growth declining sharply with Brisbane now turning into negative growth for the first time since Aug2020

📉 We will not be surprised to see all states in negative territory from next month or so at the back of brakes being applied by RBA.

⚠️ So be careful where and what you buy in property; regionals are also showing slowdown

📉 New Listings have also slowed down and has fallen by -21.4% from mid-March peak, keeping overall inventory levels low

📈 Rents are continuing to trend higher in July with vacancy rates around 1% or lower across many parts of Australia

📈 Interest rate rising by 50bps today bringing the cash rate to 1.85% today by RBA

🚥 Yet we are not worried; if you want to learn what to do now in this environment and 3 factors influencing next property boom then book a free consultation

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